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Our Results

Delivered with complete commitment all the time

man years of payor & provider domain expertise
man years of behavioral health-care domain
on-time delivery for all our customers
resolution and support delivered to all customer during COVID-19
work from home achieved in flat 48 hours
improvement of customer experience
higher revenue realization on account of automation/configuration
reduction in DSO
improvement in the credentialing processing

Our Solutions and Services

Automated, intelligent, Process Driven Solutions for Payors and Providers

One of a kind Configurable and ready to use Contracts & Credentialing life-cycle management along with Correspondence & timeline tracking for both Payors and Providers
One of a kind Automated and configurable layered Scheduling system with an contracting and credentialing based integrated offering
Content tool for creation and implementation of comprehensive. Tailored treatment plans for children and adolescents with ASD
Content tool for creation and implementation of comprehensive. Tailored treatment plans for children and adolescents with ASD
ConCred as a Service
Contract and Credentialing service with domain expertise to assist small and medium size ASD/ABA therapy providers to focus on their core business
Calmanac as a Service
Automated scheduling as a service to assist the ASD/ABS therapy providers deliver fully utilized and compliance based services to their customers aligned to the payor expectation
InsuReport as a Service
Compliance based reporting as a service for both Payor and Provider per their expected formats to enable/hasten the approval and addressal process
Skills as a Services
Digital Operations and Cloud based solutions and services to enable organizations deliver value across the customers’ journey by empowering users with more agile and intuitive processes
Data, Analytics & AI
AI & IOT based solution capabilities to deliver new age transformation initiatives and addon to the existing application projects and services

Solution and Vertical Fitment

Process driven solutions and services with proven ROI

ABA Solution Providers
Product and solution Vendors
System Integrators
ABA Solution Providers
Hospitals & Care Centers
Boutique Vendors
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