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Slide LEADERSHIP QUOTE "The irony of technology leadership is that it is expected to be not tech-centric, but people-centric. Technology has to remain in the role of a ‘behind the scenes’ enabler. And technology leaders have to dedicate themselves towards solving real-world problems.
At hBITS, every technical decision is tied to a non-technical value or solution sought by business. Our belief of delving deep into the technical details doesn’t make us lose the larger perspective of stakeholder needs."
Neelam Chavan CTO & FOUNDER
Digital Transformation in Healthcare THOUGHT LEADERSHIP Madhuri Mandaogade CEO & FOUNDER Technology Outsourcing in the Post-COVID-19 World TRENDS Debasish Karmakar Vice President Sales Impact of COVID-19
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BLOG Sharvan Ganjoo Director Strategy and Sales
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October 28, 2021
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September 27, 2021
Artificial intelligence

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5 Tips for Better Contract Fulfilment with Calmanac

5 Tips for Better Contract Fulfilment with Calmanac

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