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Our Services

We build software solutions that cater to health-care services and needs. Our engineers who specialize in health-care applications, provide end-to-end solutions that integrate mobile & web infrastructure covering health-care providers, clinicians and patients.


Enterprise Mobility

Harness the power of mobility with industry specific solutions.


Custom Solution Designing

Provide custom solutions based on your unique business process.


Cloud Computing

Build on demand capacity with powerful & easily scalable cloud solutions.


Blueprint Wire-frame & Prototype

The logical way to start any visual design process is with blueprint prototype wire-frames.


Analytics & Big Data

Take control of your data and accelerate your business growth.


Internet of Things (IoT)

Leverage sensor technology through integration with business applications.


UI/UX Design

Give additional life to your software through user centered attractive UX/UI Design.


End-to-End Product Engineering

Build next-generation product & platforms that seamlessly connect with your customers.



Customer Relationship

Track your leads in a more efficient way.
Have the entire client data and interactions
at a central location.



Learning Games for Children

Teach social interaction skills through mobile games.
A great help for “Late Talkers”



Learning Management

Teach, share information, collaborate with
and assess your staff, students or clients
through eLearning tools.




Tracking chronological history made easy.

All events like medication, appointments, documents, notes, billing etc. appear at one place.



Autism Parenting Solutions- Dashboard equipped app

Get a transparent progress monitoring tool,
build trust with your clients.



Automated Billing
& Claim Management System

Build a rules engine based on your needs.
One-click solution to generate invoices and send out claims.
Save time, reduce errors.



Cloud Computing

Let our cloud architects facilitate a free cloud workshop with your team
to evaluate your existing systems and design a proof of concept to
explore possible risks and return on investment.



Custom Scheduler

You need a custom scheduler for your specific needs,
not just a regular calendar.
Make your staffs' & clients' life easier with a highly customized scheduler.
Reduce the scope of errors.



Data Warehousing

You need this if you have massive amounts of data being captured from
a number of diverse sources.
We can help you with data driven decision making.



Documents Library

Build a centralized repository with dexterous search and tagging facilities
for all your documents.



Treatment Planning Software

Assessment and requirements of every patient is unique.
You need custom tools to plan the treatment and to monitor the progress.



Alert Management System

Uncover potential red flags before, NOT after.



Secured Communication Channel

Connect with your patients or staff through audio/video calls
over a secured and highly protected channel (unlike Skype or Facetime)



Data Collection

Stop taking data on paper. Move to electronic data capture.
Have better data at your fingertips.

Let's discuss your requirements. Get a free consultation.

Who We Work With

We understand internal and external criticalities of Healthcare industry related to transparency, security compliance standards and real-time operational visibility across doctors, clinicians, hospital owners, government health departments and insurance companies.

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