Credentialing as a Service

Contract and Credentialing service with domain expertise to

assist small and medium size ASD/ABA therapy providers to

focus on their core business


Credentialing as a Service

ConCred as a service enables all Individual Medical Practitioners across the board to meet their Provider and Payor contracting and Credentialing needs. The differentiation of the offering to link both Contracting and Credentialing enables the practitioners, providers and Payors to seamless address the respective needs and this as services enable them scale their business and meet their needs as per the ask or their business growth.

ABA Solution Providers
Product and solution Vendors
System Integrators
ABA Solution Providers
Hospitals & Care Centers
Boutique Vendors
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Business Value Proposition

Credentialing is more valuable as health insurance plans are becoming broader in regards to the scope of treatments that they cover. These include mental and behavioral health parity, as well as the coverage of supplemental services and fewer restrictions on pre-existing conditions.HBITS brings a simple workable process with the cloud based product offering for these practitioners, Payors and Providers The value proposition is simple and extensive offering the listed value perspectives.

Cloud based solution offering with services from HBITS enabling Customers delivery value

Credentialing and linked Contracting offering enables Consumers to reduce the DSO and deliver a very high approval

percentage of Invoices and payments

A single source of truth for all their contracts and terms

Staying compliant all the time and not failing any audits or violating any terms.

Saves organizations from keeping numerous mapping excels and unorganized tracking

Assists streamlining the process and reducing operational work

Helps to have complete handle on their capacity definition and forecasting management