Contextual, Connected & Expertise Value

bundled for faster and

seamless experience


Product as a Service

Products Servitized to deliver a quicker go-to-market for Payors and providers to make solutions propositions quickly adaptable and delivered from to go. Enables organizations to focus on their core business while their processes are automated and solutions delivered as an customized experience with minimal resource dependency on them to invest in. Provides tremendous ROI to small and medium size operators who are looking for faster adoption and delivering value.

Credentialing as a Service:

Contract and Credentialing service with domain expertise to assist small and medium size ASD/ABA therapy providers to focus on their core business.

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Scheduling as a Service:

Automated scheduling as a service to assist the ASD/ABS therapy providers deliver fully utilized and compliance based services to their customers aligned to the payor expectation.

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Reporting as a Service:

Compliance based reporting as a service for both Payor and Provider per their expected formats to enable/hasten the approval and addressal process.

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Treatment Plan Analytics as a service:

Treatment plan creation and racking report and analytics as a Service providing ABA service providers and payors an up to date view of the progress being made on hundreds of factors.

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