Reporting as a Service

Compliance based reporting as a service for both Payor and

Provider per their expected formats to enable/hasten

the approval and addressal process


Reporting as a Service

Reporting as a service is a classic amalgamation of bringing both Payors and Providers on a single viewpoint where the data sets being available can be consumed and presented in accordance of needs of each. The typical challenge of the provider to articulate the report in the format that is best suited to its operation can be tweaked and presented per the advanced and specific needs of the payor and likewise.

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Business Value Proposition

The solution set offering this as a report enables individual practitioners, providers and payors seamlessly meet the expect both internal and external needs. The solution capability enables usage of business rules and data sets already available to create a viewpoint which enables a quicker dispensation of the task and breaks down the reporting needs to expected asks of each party.
HBITS brings a simple workable process with the cloud based product offering for Payors and Providers. The value proposition is simple
and extensive offering the listed value perspectives.

Customized reports built per the identified filed that are provided by the Payors or providers

Seamless viewpoints with a dashboard viewpoint to cover a quick summary along with the key points needed as per the process of either payor or provider

Contextual viewpoint based access to the Payor or provider to derive and analyze the report on the cloud-based platform Guidance in scheduling through availability overlap visualization

Rule based Alerts and Notification functionality for Payor of provider to be notified in terms of report availability

This platform will reduce the duration of time required to analyse each report

Reduced rejections of payments

Reduced back and forth about progress reporting for scrutinized ones

Reduced delays in funding