Scheduling as a Service

Automated scheduling as a service to assist the ASD/ABS therapy

providers deliver fully utilized and compliance based services

to their customers aligned to the payor expectation


Scheduling as a Service

Calmanac as a service enables all Individual Medical Practitioners across the board to meet their individual and Provider scheduling needs. The differentiation of the offering to link scheduling along the back office enablement to link the solution with relevant Contracting and Credentialing inbuilt components. This enables the providers and individual practitioners get tremendous value from the a single source based system. The solution as a service has modularity enabling them to pick relevant functionalities for their use and scalable needs as foreseen ahead.

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Hospitals & Care Centers
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Business Value Proposition

Scheduling as a base service is already seen to deliver value but by linking the solution offering to the back office operations and creating a single source of truth value point, it enables the providers seamlessly automate and derive a superior commercial value from the solution set for their internal and external value proposition. All this, while enabling meeting the relevant compliance needs and regulatory checks needed to deliver a superior and a quicker customer experience. f supplemental services and fewer restrictions on preexisting conditions.
HBITS brings a simple workable process with the cloud based product offering for these practitioners and Providers
The value proposition is simple and extensive offering the listed value perspectives.

Cloud based solution offering with services from HBITS enabling Customers delivery value

Enabling Billing, Operations and HR to seamlessly review and plan ahead

Guidance in scheduling through availability overlap visualization

Maximized revenue generation by scheduling providers with higher credentials first

Minimized claims rejections

Monthly scheduling requirement fulfillment

Reduced operational cost

Automatic drive time calculation to the service location