Treatment Plan Analytics as a service

Treatment plan creation and racking report and analytics

as a Service providing ABA service providers and payors

an up to date view of the progress being made on hundreds of factors


Treatment Plan Analytics as a Service

Treatment plan creation and analytics is a cloud-based solution which enables the Teacher, ABA therapy institutes and parents seamless understand the needs and build tailored solutions. The solution created with years of domain building and content creation is now being offered to the ABA Therapy providers and their teachers and parent as a could based services to help them review and build customized solutions and plans for their use basis the expertise at hand.

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Business Value Proposition

The solution helps create and implement comprehensive, tailored treatments plans for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder(ASD).With its assessment tools, research-based lessons, and detailed progress tracking reports, clinician, teachers and parents can apply scientifically proven treatments and interventions, measure their effectiveness, and help children reach their fullest potentials.HBITS brings this unique proposition for the ABA service providers with the cloud based product offering. The value proposition is simple and extensive offering the listed value perspectives.

Tuned and adapted the adopting and evolving space and parameters of the ABA space and therapy

Customizable teaching plans specifically targeted for the child

Basic to advanced so your child can reproduce new skills at school and elsewhere

Intuitive step by-step form at for an easy-to-follow teaching path

Direct links from assessment to lessons, ensuring you apply the correct activities

Age appropriate activities, eliminating the chance of teaching skills beyond your child's age

Smart search for quickly finding lessons to fit your child's needs

Accessible to Parent, Therapists and Care organization to get a unified view